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Business Management

The advisory activities and technical assistance provide the necessary guidance on issues of administrative, commercial, financial and production management, timely and personalized according to the specific requirements of each company or business.
So, entrepreneurs can develop strategies to improve competitiveness, reduce costs, enhance their bargaining power and face the market and its challenges.
Our interventions have the commitment to confidentiality and in order to meet the expectations and needs of each entrepreneur, looking to generate economic impact and reflected on increasing sales, business expansion and job creation among other qualitative and quantitative indicators.
The trainings are designed as workshops using participatory methodologies, to provide the necessary knowledge in related issues that can be addressed jointly to the group of participants.



The target of our interventions is to strengthen the identity, governance and capacity of cooperative management, achieving inclusive and equitable participation of partners, youth and women, the sustainable use of resources and organizational and economic sustainability, identifying and addressing the major challenges of the market and offering to its partners, quality services.
Cooperatives, as associative model, provide education and training of their members, according to the Fifth Principle Cooperative "Education, training and information", allowing them to better themselves and participate in their government, efficiently and effectively, to achieve economic growth and at the same time with the social dimension of the cooperative, the exercising and applying cooperative principles and values, promoting the identity, commitment and loyalty of members with their cooperative and the active participation in decision-making and exercise of their rights and obligations.


  • • Lean StartUp
    • Design thinking
    • CANVAS
    • Formulation of Social Projects
    • Gender in Projects
    • Dragon Dreaming
    • Personal development
    • Organizational Development


  • • Participatory methodologies
    • Facilitation Techniques in group processes
    • CEFE - Competency based economies formation of enterprise
    • SIYB - Start and Improve your Business - ILO
    • Financial Education - GFEP
    • ECAS - Participatory approach in agriculture
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